EQ8 Designing More Quilts

EQ8 Designing More Quilts

Requires EQ8

Item #: B-8MOREQLT

ISBN #: 978-1-893824-95-9

Quilt Design Tricks from EQ8 Experts

Each of the 8 chapters is a stand-alone lesson, in that you can work through the chapters in any order you want. Follow the author's instructions to create eight extraordinary quilts. You will be drawing blocks based on photos, designing a quilt with digital fabric panels, using a mathematical formula and special layouts to create amazing optical illusions, and so much more! Use the knowledge from the techniques you learn and make each quilt your own. After going through these lessons, you’ll feel like a quilt-designing genius!

This 136-page fully illustrated book has a convenient spiral binding that allows pages to rotate 360 degrees and lie flat. Written for EQ8 Windows and Mac users.

$29.95 USD


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